Thanks for going the extra mile.

January 25, 2013


It probably doesn’t happen too frequently that a customer has an expensive repair bill and still writes to say, “thank you.” However, this is one such occasion.

When we discovered that our heater was not working in the afternoon late Thursday, we were very concerned that with the approaching winter storm we might not have heat for several days. Fortunately, your service rep, Brandon, did come to our home later that afternoon. He diagnosed the problem quickly and then, despite the wet conditions outside (and under our house), he acquired a replacement sump pump, installed it than night, and got our heater back on.

Brandon did all this despite having his own family to get home to in the face of the approaching storm. The next day, he returned (in the snow) and completed some additional repairs on the sump pump system and heater, which included installing some new plumbing and a new condensate pump on the heater.

We believe that this kind of “above and beyond” effort deserves special recognition. So, as we send in our payment, we wanted to share out thanks to Brandon and your company for going the extra mile to make sure we had our heat on during the winter storm last week – THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Best regards,

James and Melany Emery
Burlington, NC

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