Four Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Breathe easy with regular HVAC maintenance and upkeep.

Staying on top of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in your home or business is critical for maintaining a comfortable environment, but preventative maintenance has other benefits as well. 

Washing HVAC unit
Washing an HVAC unit can be part of the regular maintenance that will protect your investment and save you money!

Protect your investment

HVAC units aren’t cheap! One of the biggest benefits of regular HVAC maintenance is that it helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment. When your HVAC system is not properly maintained, it can lead to a buildup of dirt and debris, which can cause the system to work harder and ultimately lead to a premature breakdown. On top of that, many manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. Neglecting regular maintenance can void your warranty and leave you responsible for costly repairs or replacements.

Keep your energy bills low

The United States Department of Energy estimates that organizations can save 5-20% annually on energy bills simply by following operations & maintenance (O&M) best practices. When your HVAC system is not properly maintained, it can lead to a buildup of dirt and debris, which can cause the system to work harder and ultimately lead to higher energy bills. Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency, which can help reduce your energy costs and save you money.

Breathe easier

Your HVAC system can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and other pollutants over time, which can be circulated throughout your home or business. This can lead to poor indoor air quality and even create a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other harmful particles. Obviously, this can have a negative impact on your health and well-being, especially for those living with asthma, allergies, or a compromised immune system. Regular inspection and maintenance helps ensure that your HVAC system is free of dirt and debris, which can help improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable and healthy living or working environment.

PRO TIP: Regular inspection of your air filters and ductwork is the best way to identify issues and address them before they become serious problems. Both can trap dirt, dust, and other particles that circulate through your home or business and cause your HVAC system to work harder and less efficiently. 

Consider comfort and public health

Last but not least, regular HVAC maintenance improves overall comfort and ensures that there aren’t any excessively hot or cold spots within the building (this is especially important during extreme weather conditions or times of the year when factors like rain, snow, heat, or excessive humidity are present). Populations like children, the elderly, and those living with illnesses are more vulnerable to high or low temperatures and should be considered more at-risk for heatstroke, hyperthermia, and dehydration if indoor temperatures are not appropriate. 

It is important to schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician to ensure that your equipment and systems are running at peak performance. A bi-annual tune-up with our team at Crabbe Services ensures that you maximize your energy efficiency, save on costs, and stay comfortable year-round. 

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