Geothermal Products

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Crabbe Service offers only WaterFurnace brand geothermal products to the Burlington, NC area. WaterFurnace has been the most recognized and respected name in the industry for nearly three decades. Every unit is tested before it leaves the manufacturing facility to ensure flawless operation on startup. We combine a commitment to quality installations with WaterFurnace’s commitment to quality products – that’s the best of both worlds.

Did you know?

WaterFurnace is proudly made in USA.

Get in touch with us to learn more! Crabbe loves to bring you great products made right here in our own country!

Forced Air / Hydronic Combo

  • Synergy3D Series – With the Synergy3D Series, you’ll enjoy incredible energy savings on your heating and cooling costs while providing hot water for radiant floor heat (domestic hot water option also available). The Synergy3D is the geothermal equivalent of a boiler, furnace and air conditioner – all in a single unit.

Forced Air

  • 7 Series 700A11 Premium Forced Air – The 7 Series represents our top-of-the line products and the 700A11 is quite possibly the most advanced heating and cooling system on the planet.
  • 5 Series 500A11 Forced Air Units – As the upgrade to our highly successful Envision Series, the 5 Series represents some of our best features and efficiencies.
  • Legend Series Forced Air Units – WaterFurnace Legend Series units benefit from the technology we’ve refined through four generations of products, and offers it at a great price.



  • Envision Series Indoor Split Units – Envision Series Indoor Splits are designed for indoor use where all-in-one systems would be difficult to install, like attics or crawl spaces.
  • Envision Series Outdoor Split Units – Envision Series Outdoor Splits are designed for outdoor use where indoor systems would be difficult to install. For an aesthetic touch, an optional decorative rock cover is available in three colors (brown granite, gray granite, and charcoal basalt).